Thrift Urban Housing's 'Lots of Shops' scheme is aimed at identifying empty commercial (and also domestic) property and if necessary carrying out the work to convert it back to residential accommodation, using our own investment model.

This is an approach that the government has identified as a way to help regenerate our towns and cities.

We are able to be flexible and take on a lease on long term empty properties provided from any public authority, registered provider, private sector organisation or individual landlords.

We refurbish and/or convert at our cost, with the work overseen by a retired, volunteer engineering surveyor. We work with our clients to find solutions to all sorts of practical problems and ensure they feel secure. then let the property to help overcome the current lack of homes. We recover our initial investment over time.

An income is generated for the provider of the property and a proportion of the rent is also re-directed back towards our charitable work, thus providing us with a sustainable income stream.

If you would like to work with us under this scheme, please contact us to see how we might work together. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Lots of Shops Scheme